Once again championing upcycling whilst also giving Gunners fans something to smile about in a dark time, Fokohaela has produced a custom one-of-one Arsenal drill top, which pays homage to some iconic visuals from the club’s past.

So close, and yet so far. Whilst it’s not over til it’s over, Arsenal fans are coming to terms with missing out on the Premier League title after pretty much having one hand on the trophy at one point. But once the dust has settled, they’ll be able to objectively reflect on what has been an outstanding season, with Mikel Arteta performing above and beyond in propelling the Gunners to the pinnacle and back into the Champions League. The team’s efforts have bred a level of pride in the side that has not been apparent for many years, and with supporters keen to show off their support, creative genius Fokohaela has produced a special custom drill top.

arsenal 12-min.jpg
arsenal 9-min.jpg

The one-of-one embroidered vintage drill top has been created using upcycled bandanas, and there’s some very recognisable visuals spread throughout. The back sponsor graphics are inspired by the North Bank Stand Mural from Highbury in 1992, and being that the drill top was Nike, a big ol’ Futura logo takes up residence on the back, joined by the callbacks to the North Bank Stand Mural, with a stylised version of the word ‘Gunners’ riding above it all. And with callouts to Sega, JVC and that iconic Thierry Henry number 14, the Nike branding just fits nicely, forgetting the club’s current technical sponsor affiliation.

arsenal 11-min.jpg
arsenal 8-min.jpg
arsenal 6-min.jpg
arsenal 4-min.jpg
arsenal 5-min.jpg
arsenal 7-min.jpg

Sadly, one-of-one means this beauty ain't available for retail...