The return of the bruised banana design has opened up a whole lot of creative avenues for designers to play in, and this was evidenced once again when Ahluwalia Studio teamed up with adidas and Arsenal to create a one-off, customised MyShelter jacket.

Arsenal and adidas are back together, and their union has seen the return of the bruised banana design on the 2019/20 away shirt (as if you didn’t know that already). But what the return of that retro-infused design has done is open up the doors for any number of designers to offer up their own reinterpretations in increasingly creative capacities, and the latest to turn their attention to the concept is London-based designer Priya Ahluwalia.

ars 1-min.jpg
ars 2-min.jpg

Inspired by her love for Arsenal, Priya Ahluwalia designed the utterly unique Ahluwalia Studio x adidas x Arsenal MyShelter jacket, bringing the modern interpretation of the bruised banana graphic on to a weather-conquering canvas for a design of simply outstanding style. The only kicker? It literally is utterly unique, with only one being made.

The MyShelter rain jacket incorporates premium outdoor technologies to create a jacket that combines function and design. But that’s not what we're here for, is it? Of course not. What we're here for is that superbly incorporated graphic. The MyShelter jacket is available in its base form through adidas in either active gold or black, and it’s the former that’s taken as the template for the Ahluwalia creation, with the colourway lending itself perfectly to the base look of a reinterpretation of the bruised banana design, which runs across the body and sleeves and through the lower back. Also appearing on the rear of the jacket is the Arsenal crest, which sits on top of the Three Stripes for a tidy sign off.

ars 3-min.jpg
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Worn by Jesse Fromse

Photography by Finn Constantine