Back with another attempt to break into the football market, high-end fashion brand Balenciaga have teamed up with adidas on a Spring ’23 collection that was unveiled at an NYC show hosted at the New York Stock Exchange.

So Balenciaga are no strangers to the football scene, and having seen many lifestyle, streetwear and fashion brands seamlessly entering the market they fancy another go. Following up their AW20 collection that debuted at Paris Fashion Week back in March 2020, which brought an array of football-styled jerseys, they have now partnered with adidas to bring more authenticity to the approach – but that authenticity, as always, comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

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The Balenciaga x adidas collection arrives with strong influence from the Three Stripes archive, a football tee looking to all intents and purposes like a Manchester United shirt – or more than that, the Liverpool home shirt from the 2008/09 season – and it comes complete with the fashion house installed as the sponsor. That shirt lines up alongside silhouettes that clearly borrow from the Teamgeist design – a look that recently made a return for top adidas teams across the globe, while the rest of the collection is rounded out by tracksuits, hoodies, tees, sneakers and other accessories. 

Away from the clothing range, and the Speed Trainers carry yet another throwback to adidas’ past, conjuring images of the concept Primeknit FS – the brand's first attempt to go laceless.

The signature callout of the collection sees the word ‘Balenciaga’ running below the Three Stripes logo. All well and good, but that simple switch up will see you having to stump up over £500 for a tee or £1750 for a track jacket, with the range going as high as £4090 for a hooded blouson. Not sure those types of prices can realistically be justified…

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