We take a look at how the new concept Primeknit FS looks on pitch.

More often than not, concept models are flights of fancy, often crazy and sometimes unrealistic designs giving us a potential glimpse into the future. A month on from the boots unveiling and we're still trying to process exactly what adidas have given us with the Primeknit FS. After getting our hands on the early prototype model and with no idea what to expect, we slipped them on to see how they felt and looked.

The high-rising football boots have been controversially received and to this day remain somewhat of a mystery. The adidas Primeknit FS is nothing like any football boot you've ever seen before. Speak to adidas though and they'll tell you the Primeknit FS is here to stay - there's even plans to have it on pitch by the end of the year. 

Innovation never ceases and already this year we've been treated to a wild assortment of new-age designs that promise to change football footwear forever. The adidas team have delivered a trio of breakthrough products: the Samba Primeknit, f50 Crazylight and Primeknit FS. Three boots that, regardless of their relevance in today's game, point to the future of football boot design. 

With the boots still in development, we used the opportunity to assess our initial reaction rather than run them into the ground with a full play-test. The boots certainly take some getting used to and with sock that fits from toe to calf, visually we're still trying to get our heads around it. If you wore a pair this weekend you'd get some pretty odd looks, wear a pair in a few years time and perhaps that won't be the case. Who knows?

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