No strangers to the football scene having dipped their toes on more than one occasion, Balenciaga are back with their latest football-inspired collection – ‘FOOTBALL SERIES 2024’.

Balenciaga’s output has been heavily influenced by the football world in the last few years, a trend that can be linked to Demna taking position as the Creative Director of the Paris-based Fashion House. And that influence shows no sign of waning, with the label’s latest release. The collection features oversized jerseys and tracksuits, each in black, white, red, pink, and fluorescent yellow with contrasting piping details. And they come with a classic Balenciaga twist.

The jerseys feature the names of the cities where the collection will be available — Aoyama, Barcelona, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Ipanema, Mayfair, Miami, Milan, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Soho and Tokyo — alongside the number 10 – an iconic number in the game but also a nod to Balenziaga’s historic address in Paris, 10 avenue George V. The collection is completed with woollen scarves, brimmed hats, poplin jackets, zip-up hoodies and socks.

balenciaga 28-min.jpg
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