Mexican fashion brand Liberal Youth Ministry have dropped a series of football shirts as part of their Spring/Summer 2021 collection under the concept of retro-futurism. The chequered shirts land in Red/White, Yellow/Navy-Blue and Forest-Green/Black designs, each with individual design details.

So the first thing you may think of when you see Liberal Youth Ministry’s SS21 football shirt-inspired series is Croatia. That’s be fair enough, given the chequered design template, and it’s most apparent with the “Red/White” Fake News jersey. But then there is further international inspiration in the collection, with the green shirt carrying with it some Mexican vibes that many think the current shirt is severely lacking.

lym 4-min.jpg
lym 5-min.jpg

Split across three designs, the Liberal Youth Ministry football shirts see those bold chequered designs joined by strong club crests – at times two – and messaging taking place on the sponsor space. So that’s “Awaken” on the Yellow/Navy Blue, “Fake News” on the Red/White, and “Poder México Prajńá!” On the green. That roughly translates as Power Mexico Spring. Roughly. Don’t ask us what it means.

A fresh style for the warmer months ahead, and one that’s already been picked up by the likes of Justin Bieber. Yep, Bieber. Makes you want one even more now, right… Right?

lym 2-min.jpg
lym 3-min.jpg
lym 6-min.jpg
lym 7-min.jpg

All three shirt designs are available at