Barca-based brand MEYBA continue their triumphant return to football, releasing a series of collaborative shirts with a selection of brands that continues their unique pitch style that’s dripping in lifestyle-focused energy.

MEYBA launched a new capsule collection back in November, announcing their return to the game, albeit with a new approach that at once drew on their rich heritage whilst also bringing something fresh to the future of football fashion. Now MEYBA, which carved its reputation and heritage on the backs of some of Barcelona’s most famous players through the 80s, is partnering with several other brands – SoccerBible included – to produce a super-limited range of football shirts.

studio portraits meyba soccerbible_0001__JHS1101.jpg
studio portraits meyba soccerbible_0002__JHS1104.jpg
studio portraits meyba soccerbible_0004__JHS1123.jpg
studio portraits meyba soccerbible_0006__JHS1120.jpg

The brief was simple enough: brands were given the opportunity by MEYBA to customise a few base templates as well as adding their own touch. We opted for the Blue/Purple and Pink/White trippy numbers and we created a warped SoccerBible logo to tie into the tie dye nature of the shirts. As mentioned, the shirts are super limited edition – only 20 per brand are available, but the collection as a whole highlights MEYBA’s return to the arena, making us crave a potential move back into the club game.

MEYBA wanted the shirts to feel real, building a connection as a brand that works on both levels – high end fashion thinking meets real football fans, and to accomplish this the shirts were modelled by a local a grassroots team, giving the shirts that real world feel.

meyba collaborative drop portrait_0019_4J8A9363.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0018_4J8A9380.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0027_4J8A9287.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0025_4J8A9295.jpg
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meyba collaborative drop portrait_0015_4J8A9402.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0022_4J8A9337.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0012_4J8A9479.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0010_4J8A9532.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0011_4J8A9525.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0008_4J8A9628.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0020_4J8A9351.jpg

Looking good both on the pitch but on the streets also is the essence of MEYBA’s new mindset, and the thought of that translating into club wear is certainly a tantalising one. That creative spirit combined with such a rich heritage, melded together with a new outlook could well mean a breath of fresh air in the footballing arena. A space to certainly watch…

meyba collaborative drop portrait_0001_4J8A9784.jpg
meyba collaborative drop portrait_0002_4J8A9734.jpg

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