PUMA and Marseille have launched three new kits, but don’t expect to see these on the pitch anytime soon; the ‘Influence Jerseys’, as they’re known, have been produced specifically for supporters, taking influence from both pitch and street in a combination of cultures.

Having already unveiled Olympique de Marseille’s official kits for the 2019/20 season, including a special 120th anniversary jersey, PUMA have now launched three new "lifestyle" jerseys for Marseille fans. Bright colours, strong graphics and not a sponsor logo in sight; the impact of street culture on the design of the three shirts is clear to see, and it’s a sign of PUMA embracing the increasing influence of jersey culture on lifestyle circles.

Marseille 4-min.jpg
Marseille 1-min.jpg

There are three choices on offer for fans, with all featuring the word ‘Marseille’ in a stylised font across the centre in place of a traditional sponsor. the OM badge takes up its usual place on the left of the chest, while the PUMA logo on the right of the chest is the only other hint of branding. The stylised font from the front is carried across to the number 13, which features on the back of all three designs.

A sublimated triple diamond graphic is utilised across two of the designs, both of which take orange as a core colour, coupling it with black or white respectively. The other shirt features a navy gradient vertical stripe design that fades to a colouring that’s more familiar to Marseille’s traditional look. Behind the stripes is a splash effect print that accentuates the aesthetic, providing a look that would be as good on the pitch as it does off it.

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Pick up the Marseille Influence Jerseys from the club's online store