Arsenal legend Ian Wright caught up with 424’s co-founder Guillermo Andrade, where they discussed the design inspiration of the latest adidas x 424 x Arsenal collection, the euphoric high of scoring a goal and much more.

Bringing two icons from different fields together has been something that Adidas have dabbled with in the past, with 'The Huddle' bringing creatives such as Paul Pogba and Stella McCartney together in the early stages of lockdown. And now the Three Stripes are leveraging their latest platform, adidas CONFIRMED, with some exclusive content that sees Arsenal legend Ian Wright catching up with 424 founder Guillermo Andrade following the debut of the new adidas x 424 x Arsenal collection.

The CONFIRMED app, is the latest hub for all things adidas; a place where you will never miss a release, never miss a story, never miss a beat. A direct line to hype releases, it’s the destination for the story behind exclusive collabs and the creators driving culture forward, and fitting right into that category is the latest hook up between 424 and Arsenal. 

Andrade’s passion for the Gunners has been well publicised, so the opportunity to put him on the other end of the line with Ian Wright – from Los Angeles to London – was one that adidas simply couldn’t pass up, the move serving to also further strengthen the German brand's relationship with the designer. The pair share a chemistry born of their naturally laid back natures, but it is underpinned by their joint appreciation of each other’s abilities and reputations. They riff off what the other is able to do, be it on the football pitch or in the design studio, and Andrade even lets slip that he used to be a tidy footballer himself back in the day.

The collection itself debuted this weekend on one of the biggest stages possible, at the Emirates Stadium ahead of the London derby, with players turning up in the collection as well as warming up in the prematch jersey. The red keyline that features prominently throughout was inspired by the Emirates architecture, as Andrade touches on in his chat with Wright, making the Gunners home even more appropriate for the collection’s debut.

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