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Pro:Direct Partner With Panini For adidas Originals x Arsenal Sticker Book

The adidas Originals x Arsenal retro collection has returned for another blast of exquisite throwback flavour with the ‘Then & Now’ collection, and to perfectly frame it in all its 90s glory, Pro:Direct Soccer paired up with none other than sticker supremos, Panini.

Last season’s retro-infused Arsenal collection from adidas Originals was a blast of pure pleasure that fully tapped into the relaunch of the Bruised Banana design, and now that’s followed up by a second retro-infused collaborative collection, featuring strong early 90s vibes in classic trefoil style. But it’s the presentation of the collection from Pro:Direct that caught our eye, with the online retail giants partnering with world-famous sticker book manufacturer, Panini, to produce a sticker book style lookbook featuring legends alongside modern day influencers.

Taking fans back to the 1990/92 season, original panini 91/92 album cover star David Seaman featured alongside Chunkz, Anouk Denton, Miguel Azeez, Lava La Rue, and MK Fray, all gathered at the Gunners Pub in Highbury to model the collection. 

What I remember is the badge, it’s the old-style badge,” said Seaman about the collection. “Football was pretty different back in those days. I remember when we won a trophy, we’d get a JVC catalogue and could choose anything we liked out of it, it would be like our little bonus. 

The collection brings back a lot of memories for me. Probably the fondest was when Arsene first came to the club; it was a totally different way of playing football, not only did we play a different way, but we trained a different way, everything changed.

Complimenting the shirt in the capsule are an Anthem tracksuit top and matching tracksuit pant, hoody, and club jacket, all presented with the early 90s styling. All the pieces feature the famous Arsenal FC “Victoria Concordia Crescit” crest, complete with cannon and gothic typeface for ‘Arsenal’, used from 1949 to until 2002 when it was replaced with the current badge design.

arsenal 21-min.jpg
arsenal 14-min.jpg
arsenal 15-min.jpg
arsenal 18-min.jpg
arsenal 17-min.jpg
arsenal 20-min.jpg
arsenal 19-min.jpg
arsenal 11-min.jpg
arsenal 10-min.jpg
arsenal 13-min.jpg
arsenal 12-min.jpg
arsenal 9-min.jpg
arsenal 8-min.jpg

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