Milan-based design collective Outline Studio are back re-writing the world of football in their own unique style with the launch of their latest FC.7ZOO project. Twisting the world of jersey culture and challenging the perception of the humble football shirt, the guys have once again shaken things up with another stunning collection.

The FC.7ZOO project is the result of Outline Studio creating a collection of 7 different and unique football kits to celebrate the talent and revenge of the young Milanese rappers from zone 7, 7ZOO. The squad is made up of 6 rappers: Rondo Da Sosa, Neima Ezza, Sacky, Vale Pain, Kilimoney, Keta and one producer – NKO – all of whom share the same neighbourhood: San Siro. And they're all so creatively edgy that using the word 'whom' seems totally out of place.


In addition to talent, they have shown how teamwork makes a difference by supporting each other and telling the story of their neighbourhood. They made Zone 7, known to everyone as a difficult and poor neighbourhood with zero possibilities, to emerge as a musical reference point in the European scene. Being from San Siro too Outline Studio were inspired by their drive to create something unique. From concept to design to the photography, Outline Studio have ran the show by taking Nike kits and working their magic on them.


If you think you've heard of Outline Studio's work before then you might remember the Inter Street Football Jersey they dropped back in December 2019. The project  arrived in three different colours to open their appeal to a wider demographic, embracing different nationalities, neighbourhoods, boys, and girls. From the centre of Milan to the suburbs, from the Duomo to the high-rise apartment block of Cinisello, from those who are born Neroazzurro to those who become Nerazzurro.

Do we want to see Outline Studio collab with Inter or AC on an upcoming replica and lifestyle collection? Yes please and thank you. Get them involved.


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