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Nivelcrack Release 'Red Devils Capsule Collection'

The powers at Nivelcrack have released a capsule collection entitled 'Red Devils'. A collaboration with Korean graffiti artist 'Jodae', it lands just before the 2018 FIFA World Cup and comes with a message of good luck for the South Korea.

Headlined by a 'Red Devils' football jersey, the symbol of the South Korea National Team supporters group, the collection is infused with graphic aesthetics. In keeping with traditional crest, sponsor and supplier placements, there's tradition mixed with a contemporary finish throughout.

Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0001_1.jpg
Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0000_2.jpg
Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0004_black1.jpg
Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0001_white1.jpg
Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0003_black3.jpg
Nivelcrack Red Devils Capsule Collection_0000_white3.jpg

As well as the football jersey, the brand have also released a selection of t-shirts that carry a tiger graphic which represents the South Korean team. Minimalist additions to marry up with an all encompassing football jersey, it's a strong offering that's set to launch on the 7th June through the Nivelcrack website. 


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