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Nivelcrack x City Boys F.C. 'The Reggae Shirt'

Summer fixtures just aren't the same unless you're sporting a shirt emblazoned with Bob Marley and Jamaican tones. Wiping the brow with a sigh of relief, it's a good job the good guys at Nivelcrack and City Boys F.C. collaborated to produce this rather sensational set of numbers.

No ordinary Hawaiian style shirt, this. A celebration of an icon and his love for football, these shirts that come in two colour drops with nothing but appreciation all round. The second collaboration (following this one) between Nivelcrack and City Boys F.C., it is another heritage inspired release with music providing the additional soul.

Some description

Some description

A sharp release, it's one that'll look heroically on point in LA, triumphantly lost in Derby and deliciously delivered in Cape Town. The only question that remains is which one do you don first?

Dropping from the 1st August exclusively through the Nivelcrack store, you can pick one up here.


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