Bringing a sense of wild to your weekdays, ACID FC have returned with their latest collection and in turn introduced the world to their own spectacle tournament, the 'Champignons League'.

Joining an ever expanding product line from ACID FC, the 'Champignons League' capsule is word play on the French word for mushrooms – "Champignons". Combine that with the ACID FC label and you start to piece together the connection. A badge familiar with big week nights has been reshaped as a mushroom to further paints the trippy picture. Consisting of a bucket hat fitting for the change in the season, the capsule also features a set of three variant t-shirts and has been created in collaboration with SoccerBible.

champignons league portraits_0005_Soccerbible x Acid FC (Joshua Atkins) (12 of 29).jpg
champignons league portraits_0003_Soccerbible x Acid FC (Joshua Atkins) (22 of 29).jpg

ACID FC is a football club that champions the space in-between throwing mad shapes in a dark room and playing the game out on the pitch. Combining two games of contrasting design, the end result is always interesting. The latest collection is a special edition first launch from an ongoing 'Champignons League' capsule. It's a range with no rules as ACID FC continue to go against the convention of product releases that drop across the game.

champignons league portraits_0000_Soccerbible x Acid FC (Joshua Atkins) (8 of 29).jpg
champignons league portraits_0002_Soccerbible x Acid FC (Joshua Atkins) (28 of 29).jpg

It's a strong start with a statement set of tees and a bucket hat to seal it up. Your alternative football wardrobe needs another hanger. Join ACID FC here.