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Leeds United Reveal 23/24 Home Shirt From adidas & Acid FC

Sometimes the simplest thing can make a kit really great, and the perfect example of this comes from Adidas and Leeds United’s new home kit for 23/24, which sees the Three Stripes presented in the club’s iconic colourings.

Probably the only bad thing about Leeds United’s new home shirt for the 23/24 season is that we won’t get to see it shine on Premier League pitches, where it really should belong. Alas, following their relegation, we’ll have to content ourselves with seeing it in action as Leeds strive to get out of the Championship once again, but it will be quite the sight while they do, with the shirt, which is steeped in the club’s heritage and history, being designed in association with Acid FC.

As always, what we get is a timeless white shirt, but it is elevated with a simple tweak to the Three Stripe branding on the shoulders, which take on the classic royal blue and yellow that is uniquely Leeds. Even the sponsor falls in line with the aesthetics, being presented in the same royal blue. And as if that wasn’t enough it doesn’t stop there.

The origins and history of the football club are beautifully represented as it pays homage to the club's historic use of the peacock, with a custom pattern debossed throughout the fabric, and a peacock on the back neck. The peacock holds a special place in Leeds United and Elland Road history, with the peacock badge being worn in the early 1980’s, a time when the club was affectionately known as the Peacocks.

All round, quite the look...

leeds 1-min.jpg
leeds 2-min.jpg
leeds 4-min.jpg
leeds 3-min.jpg
leeds 5-min.jpg
leeds 6-min.jpg

The Leeds United 23/24 home shirt is available at

Daniel Jones

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