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Leeds United Creates Leisure Wear Collection With Acid FC

Expanding horizons and making solid moves into a lifestyle space, Leeds United have partnered with design studio AcidFC to create a unique off-pitch clothing collection celebrating the club's heritage and history.

Shifting focus to bring a welcome distraction from the Premier League relegation battle that the club are currently embroiled in, Leeds United have released a new clothing collection produced in conjunction with Yorkshire-based fashion design studio, Acid FC. It arrives as a subtle nod to Leeds as an industrial city, built on the graft of its population, getting to the roots of what it is to be a Leeds United fan. To do this, Acid FC and the club looked no further than the iconic club anthem “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds (Marching on Together)”, which had its 50th anniversary last year having been written for the 1972 FA Cup Final.

leeds 17-min.jpg
leeds 19-min.jpg

Lyrics to that song such as "Everywhere, we're gonna be there" and "Until the world stops going round”, are central in the design of the pieces from the collection, which is made up of a range of tees and hoodies. With the lyrics as inspiration, the logo created for the “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” collection is a triangle (or nabla is the technical term as it's inverted – now you know) which provides a fresh alternative to the traditional club badge. This collection is the first with AcidFC in what is a planned series of releases to showcase the club in a new light off the field.

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