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Where is Football Launch Timestamp Collection

The gang behind 'Where Is Football' have done wonders when it comes to uniting a global game. Bringing people closer whilst sharing a beautiful side to football, the imagery they assemble often brings a spotlight on places that get little attention as well as those global powerhouses hosting a spectacle. Now though, bringing something tactile into the mix, the brand, so to speak, have launched a pair of clothing pieces so you can own some of that sentiment.

Dubbed the 'TIMESTAMP' collection, the two piece capsule consists of a hoodie and polo combination that pays tribute to the World Cup in Russia. Seen as a "tournament that united the world in the summer of 2018" it's with blessed tones and streetwear vibes that this creative collective cast their minds back to the showdown in Russia. 

Where is Football Apparel portraits_0002_1800MSK_looks-0948-EDIT-LQ.jpg
Where is Football Apparel portraits_0003_1800MSK_looks-0935-EDIT-LQ.jpg
Where is Football Apparel portraits_0000_1800MSK_looks-0959-EDIT-LQ.jpg

These limited-edition items bear the time of the tournament's first and final games—18:00 (or 6pm) in Moscow—alongside an embroidered Where Is Football logo. What's more the garments are a reminder that speaks to the heart of Where Is Football's mission: That no matter where you are on this planet—whether it's dawn, siesta hours, or midnight—the only time that matters once for a month every four years is when the football is on and our rotating sphere unites around a smaller one.

Into it and appreciating the message both releases are available for purchase from the Where Is Football online store.


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