While the 2018 World Cup may have wrapped, the international flavour of football and the influence on fashion very much continues. Bringing their own beat to the party, BAPE have launched a FW18 collection inspired by the good game.

BAPE are no strangers to the pitch and have launched several collections to cross paths with football in the past. This collection however brings a chequered zest to the game with a Croatian influence. France may well have won the finale but the red and white squares that go from shirt to sleeves in this instalment pack plenty of party. Going beyond a straight up shirt however, the full collection extends into tracksuits, warmup gear and goalkeeper kits. Various accessories have also been added into the mix such as scarves, headbands and that classic camp dresses bags to round off the capsule.

fw18 bape collection_0009_Layer 1.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0008_Layer 2.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0006_Layer 4.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0005_Layer 5.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0003_Layer 7.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0002_Layer 8.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0007_Layer 3.jpg
fw18 bape collection_0001_Layer 9.jpg

Already on sale and flying, the summer season keeps on going beyond the World Cup and with this get up it's one almighty way to travel. Hitting the top table with streetwear vibes, it has it all.