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'A Lovers Guide to Football Shirts' by Neal Heard

Celebrating the tailored beauty and spiritual sentiment of the football shirt, Neal Heard has released his 'Lovers Guide' that is positively brimming with a collection the undoubtedly includes some of the greatest kits ever created.

Passions embroidered with football the pitch in which this book has been able to flourish, it is centred around those garms that grace the game. Combining the fashion world's with that of music and art too, the holy trinity of creativity is put down in print form with 'A Lovers Guide to Football Shirts' - all the trimmings from golden cuffs and collars to heavy typography washed sponsors, it's an utter trip of nostalgia.

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Described by author Neal Heard as '25 years in the making' and 'the book I have long dreamt of writing', it starts at the beginning from Neal's very first shirt through to his all time favourites. Along the way the book goes through the decades in capturing the finest shapes and sizes in which shirts have been delivered. Not settling for simple chevrons, there's swirls, starts and straight up hypnosis (courtesy of Hull City on page 72).

No doubts a timeless page turner that will last a lifetime, it's a beautiful book that is oh so welcome. You can pick one up here.


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