A hoodie ain't just a hoodie no more, it seems. Marking the first step of a new category, the adidas Z.N.E Hoodie comes charging out of the blocks as 'adidas Athletics' arrives with a powerful message far deeper than an athletic aesthetic. The Z.N.E Hoodie aims to deliver complete mental focus for players, specifically engineered to remove distractions and maximise focus in the vital moments leading up to kick off.

Head in the game. Mind on the task. The introduction of adidas Athletics is a huge move for the brand and one that will be heavily backed with the inclusion of leading adidas athletes across all sports set to feature strongly in adidas athletics campaigns – Gareth Bale getting the ball rolling for soccer. Bringing a fresh new take on traditional pre-match outwear, the Z.N.E. Hoodie is designed to help athletes stay in the zone with three key elements; reduced noise distraction, minimal visionary distraction and protection from discomfort. Combining cutting-edge craftsmanship with luxe fabric for performance or leisure, the adidas Z.N.E Hoodie features an over-sized hood to accommodate over-ear headphones and a premium, heavyweight feel designed for comfort.

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Michael Krapohl, adidas Senior Product Manager said of the adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie, “Our athletes compete in front of huge, passionate crowds, and need to maintain their focus under immense pressure. A lack of focus can be the difference between winning or losing. We designed the adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie to allow athletes of all sports to tune in to their pre-game strategies and personal rituals, and to centre themselves ready for the challenge ahead. Aesthetically, we are passionate about creating products with the finest crafted details and a sleek, athletic look.” 

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The full adidas Athletics category will launch on September 10th and with it will come a fresh outlook that targets the preparation before the athlete goes to work in front of the masses. After all, match day begins the moment a player wakes up. The adidas Athletics collection will focus on a unique point of view from the athlete, celebrating and highlighting the untold stories of players on game day, and capturing the journey 24 hours before and after athletes take the field of play.

The adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie is available from 7th September.