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adidas Unveil Z.N.E. Zero-Dye Hoodie with Paul Pogba

Dropping fresh threads for spring '17 adidas Athletics throw down updated pieces including the stand-out Z.N.E Zero-Dye Hoodie. Aimed once again at delivering complete mental focus for players, the Z.N.E. Hoodie is specifically engineered to remove distractions and maximise focus in the vital moments leading up to kick off.

The new collection, including the updated short-sleeve option is created using a no-dye process, which saves resources by using materials in their natural colour. By using this technique the athletics range sets out to reflect the purity and vision athletes harness when entering the zone. "Find Focus On What Really Matters" is the new tagline. 

Some description
Some description

Paul Pogba is roped in for modelling duties to provide a football representation as adidas spearhead their much backed campaign into refreshed ground. The Three Stripes put huge weight behind the Z.N.E. campaign in 2016 to install the collection as the ultimate pre-match clothing piece.

The brand supplied the Z.N.E. Hoodies to all of their contracted clubs to wear out of the tunnel, and with momentum still very much with the collection adidas will be hoping for a Real Madrid vs Juventus Champions League Final and Manchester United to take on Ajax or Lyon in the Europa League, which will in turn offer adidas another opportunity to highlight the range.

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