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adidas Launch Manchester United Chinese New Year Collection

Manchester United look to capitalise on their popularity in the Asian market as they usher in the Chinese New Year with a special range of adidas clothing, comprising of a sweatshirt and matching pants, a graphic tee, and a ZNE hoodie, all of which feature subtle Chinese detailing throughout.

The Chinese New Year has seen numerous European powerhouses making moves to increase their appeal to their vast fanbases in Asia. Manchester United, working with adidas, have opted to offer their fans a collection that can seamlessly transition from the training ground to lifestyle circles.

The sweater and the pants feature the words “Manchester United” repeated in Chinese characters on a tape down the side, while the back of the sweatshirt and tee features the Chinese symbol for good fortune in a lucky-cloud print. 

Man United 5050 12-min.jpg
Man United 5050 10-min.jpg

It’s a tidy enough collection and Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wore the range in his pre match press conference this week, while the first team wore it for pre and post-match interviews. 

The collection follows the news that Chinese singer and actor Lu Han has become a ‘Red Devil Messenger’. Yep, we’ve got no idea what it means either. It does, however, all add up to United trying to once again be recognised as the most influential team in China as they were in 2017 and 2018, having fallen down to third in this year’s 'Red Card' report by Mailman.

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