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adidas Originals Hamburg

In using the swell of undercurrent cool that is terrace culture, the new adidas Hamburg campaign launches as a collaboration between Soho Warrios, Scotts Menswear and adidas Originals.

Created by the team at SWFC, the new adidas Hamburg campaign is a visual journey that goes beyond the shoe itself. Paying homage to the famous adidas Hamburg, the campaign explores two cross-town teams of vast rivalry and contrast - F.C. St. Pauli and Hamburger SV. Two teams that carry the torch of football ablaze in this city.

This short film takes in the surrounds of each stadium as well as the city itself, the three stripes looking on point and primed throughout. Tasteful and teasing, there's no questioning the delivery of the shoe. A mighty fine black or white in colour, they take the pitch to the pub and the terrace to the town. Delicious.


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