One of the most stylish in the game, Serge Gnabry is a trail blazer in his own right. Ahead of the World Cup, we caught up with the Bayern man for a quick chat on what makes him him, as well as looking forward to the tournament to come.

Serge Gnabry is one of the new breed; a player whose ability on the pitch is as equally matched by his ability to put his fits together – both seemingly coming as naturally as the other. He’s a man of supreme style, and that’s evident in the confidence he has in who he is and how he presents himself. Now, with the World Cup five minutes away, we get a brief moment of his time during which we get a glimpse of a real G…

Swiftly taking the conversation from Arsenal to Bayern to the World Cup, there's no getting away from how his style flourishes both on and off the pitch as we discuss some of the major touch points of not just his career, but also his characeter. Rooting for him on the eve of a major tournament – until he meets England, of course – take a pew and dig on in.

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I want to be as real as I can. I try to wear what I like, what I feel comfortable in. I like different styles and I like to show that."
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Growing up you act like you’re playing in the World Cup on any bit of turf you have. Now, participating at one is a huge motivation. It’s going to be my first one, and having success with the national team is huge."
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