Sticking with the music theme that has run through the last two episodes, this week we welcome Tom and Joe of British band Blossoms onto The SoccerBible Podcast, as we dig into their deep-rooted connection with football.

Football and music hold a strong connection, forged through a shared appreciation from each camp, and this has been in evidence over the last couple of weeks on the SoccerBible Podcast, with both Theo Ellis of Wolf Alice and Woody from Bastille both joining us to explain the influence of football on their lives. Now it’s the turn of Tom and Joe from Indie Pop band Blossoms.

Hailing from Stockport, Greater Manchester, Blossoms are a band that so beautifully represent a community, and football could learn a lot from the way they connect with their audience; for them the fan / band divide is simply not a thing. Exploring a very authentic connection to football it was a pleasure to welcome Tom and Joe from the band on to the Podcast, as we spoke with them about the ride through football that music has given them. From launching Man City kits to getting a Beer off Becks, they've experienced the game from a unique and wonderful angle. Damn good, northern souls…

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I bumped into John Stones in the park once with my dog. That was tragic though, because my dog’s called Pep, after Pep Guardiola. He was there with his daughter and we just bumped into each other and he didn’t know it was me at first and I didn’t know it was him at first, there was just a little girl coming up to my dog, stroking it. He asked if it was OK and I said it was absolutely fine. Then he was like ‘what’s your dog called?’ And I was like oh for fuck’s sake. I said ‘he’s called Pep’, and he was like ‘oh right, see you later’ and I was like fuck’s sake, he thinks I’m a freak now!
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