Taking a different approach for this week’s episode of The SoccerBible Podcast, we welcome Theo Ellis, bassist for Brit Award-winning band Wolf Alice and lifelong Arsenal fan.

Football’s influence can be felt throughout different cultures, with its reach moving from strength to strength as the years go by. Its connection with the world of music is one that continues to evolve and develop, as musicians take their love of the game and embrace it along with their passion for their own art. One such individual is Theo Ellis of Brit band Wolf Alice. 

Having just won a 'Best Group' at the Brit Awards, Ellis is the latest talent to chat through his football love story on the SoccerBible podcast. A proud Arsenal fan and esteemed musician, we go the distance in discussing his connection to the game and where it started, through to the crossover into music and the success he's achieved since joining the band, ten years ago. A global audience and critical acclaim, his passion for Arsenal remains unchanged. Powerhouse.

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Highbury was a pretty small pitch, pretty narrow, and just seeing that… that era was the Invincibles and stuff, so every game I got to go to I was such a spoilt brat because I had no idea of the quality of football that I was watching. It was amazing. Fat Boy Slim playing on the tannoy… it was life affirming."
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