Football has influence over many different cultures, not least the world of music. A man that can attest to that influence is Jonathan Stephens, a multi-talented individual who has a track record in both the world of hip-hop and acting. Oh, and supporting Arsenal. We welcome him for the latest episode of The SoccerBible Podcast.

From the heights of Rizzle Kicks to going solo via a galaxy far, far away, Jordan Stephens’ career has been anything but dull – and underlying all the highs is his unyielding passion for Arsenal Football Club. Catching up with the all-rounder of creative richness for the latest episode of The SoccerBible Podcast, we chew the fat on a range of topics, including how his own journey has woven through football.

Whether you know him as Jordan Stephens, J Steezy, Rizzle, Wildhood, Gnarly Ventura, Al, the Native or any other pseudonyms, he’s a man whose existence is beautifully all-encompassing, and his experiences have provided him with a host of stories, often interwoven with football. So kick back, hit the play button and listen to the man tell his tale in his own words in what is an enlightening instalment of goodness.

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I remember seeing him first when he scored that goal against David Seaman, and just ripped apart the team, and we were like ‘who the fuck is this guy?!?’ I just remember being like, Ronaldo – unreal; Rivaldo – I used to love Rivaldo. But then Ronaldinho just came around and it kind of coincided with the greatest era of Nike marketing."
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