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The SoccerBible Podcast Ep. 3 : Jermaine Jenas

No stranger to a mic, the next guest on the SoccerBible Podcast is former England international turned pundit, Jermaine Jenas, who sits down to give us his take on everything from almost leaving football as a teenager to the bubble of football and how hard it is when everything finishes on the pitch.

As always, the SoccerBible Podcast offers refreshingly honest insight, and this time it comes from one of English football’s most prominent media personalities. Jermaine Jenas had his fair share of struggles on the pitch, mainly through injury, but one of the hardest struggles he faced was facing up to the end of his playing career, and just what that meant. But where there's an end there is usually a new beginning, and while the struggle to come to terms with life after football has been well documented by former pros, Jenas was able to recreate himself as a pundit, now appearing on our screens regularly, offering fresh perspectives on the game.

Articulate and insightful, JJ is a fresh step away from some the older pundits in the game, able to provide an analysis that comes from more recent experience. His position as an ex-professional also enables him to talk about the side of the game that current players can’t get into, making this a real unique listen. Speaking candidly, he paints a pure picture and a love for the game we all share, and his feeling of going from local lad to local icon is one of humble proportions. From his documentaries to future endeavours it's an open and honest discussion with someone making the very most out of every opportunity and levelling up every single time.

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When you wake up one day and there is nothing for you to do, no purpose in your life more than anything – and it’s fine having plenty of money and a great life and so on – it just scares you.
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Paul Hart said to me ‘look, we’ve had three bids for you. Leeds United have bid £5 million for you, but you’re not going there. I’ve spoken to Sir Alex, he’s bid £3 million, but he’s not going above that because he says its an honour to play for the football club. And I spoke to Sir Bobby Robson, and a car from Newcastle’s going to be here in about an hour and a half.'"
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