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The New SoccerBible Podcast Debuts With Tom Grennan

The world is a changing, and we are changing with it. That’s why we’re immensely pleased to be able to present our all-new SoccerBible Podcast, which picks up where the Dial-Up left off, bringing you unfiltered conversations with people who are playing the game as well as those who have a pure love for it. First up: Tom Grennan.

The Dial-Up was born out of circumstance, arriving during lockdown and originally conceived as a way to check in with the pros to see how they were coping. As time moved on and conditions changed, it too was able to evolve, bringing in footballers and footballing personalities from across the globe, amassing a back catalogue of superstars that included names such as Rio Ferdinand, Virgil Van Dijk, Paul Pogba, Frank Lampard, Ian Wright, Bruno Fernandes, Sam Kerr, and even Matthew McConaughey. Now though, as we move forward and tentatively enjoy a bit more freedom, we call time on the Dial-Up, replacing it with the SoccerBible Podcast, bringing fresh energy into your audio.

Taking key elements from The Dial-Up, the SoccerBible Podcast continues to bring an unfiltered conversation that weaves football through world's both on and off the pitch. Hosted by creatives Keane Pearce Shaw and Pete Martin, we explore each guest's experiences through football and how their interests away from the game have flourished. A casual check in with some of the biggest names on the planet, these conversations are about taking away the layers that naturally envelop players and celebrities, showing character and personality while highlighting the human nature of football's finest.

The first man to take a seat for The SoccerBible Podcast is Tom Grennan, a man who has taken every opportunity by storm and smashed it to pieces; a man who has quite literally billions of plays to his name. Although now a globally recognised singer/songwriter, his journey into music was preceded by football. Part of the Luton Town academy as a youth, his passion for the game is still burning and having shone as part of the SoccerAid set up, he's certified himself as a talent both on and off the pitch.

I remember when my song went on to FIFA, I was like ‘well, I’ve always dreamt of being on FIFA, and now my song’s on FIFA,’ so I’ve got that little thing where I’ve made it.”
grennan 1-min.jpg
grennan 2-min.jpg
I’ve spoken about playing football for so many years, so I was like, if I do not perform well here, everybody’s just going to come for me and be like ‘you’ve been talking rubbish for all these years, you could never play football. So I got fit for SoccerAid and for myself. Then after training Fletcher came over to me and said: ‘You’ve played a bit before, haven’t you?’”
grennan 3-min.jpg
grennan 4-min.jpg
Keano, Fletcher and then Roberto Carlos… these guys are like superheroes to me, but seeing them on a human level you see that actually these are just normal fellas who have made it and who’re unbelievable at football, but they’re really down to earth and really nice people.”

Listen to the full SoccerBible Podcast episode and entire back catalogue at Spotify, iTunes , and Spreaker.

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