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The Dial Up Episode # 2 | Caitlin Foord

For Caitlin Foord lockdown came at something of an awkward time. Having only arrived in England in February following her move to Arsenal, she was right in the middle of the settling in period, getting to grips with not only a new team and a new style of football, but a new country and a new way of life. Now, like all of us, she’s stuck at home. Checking in to see how she’s holding up, she became the next star to answer our call in the latest instalment of ‘The Dial Up’.

Having made her debut for the Matildas at the tender age of 16, becoming the youngest Australian to play at a Women’s World Cup in 2011, it feels like Caitlin Foord has been a fixture in the game for some time. But at just 25, she not only has a wealth of experience to offer to her new club, she also has a newly rekindled enthusiasm for the game, born from the change of scenery and the new challenge that it brings. 

Following in the footsteps of compatriot, Sam Kerr, Foord has traded the warmer climates of life in her homeland and Stateside for the Capital comforts (or lack thereof with the English weather!) of London, and the fresh challenge that the Women’s Super League presents. But despite the bump in the road to her new start, she’s as determined to succeed as ever, and she’s making the most of the break to her usual routine, as we found out when we spoke to her in the second instalment of our ongoing series.  

As much as it is a situation you don’t want to be in, I feel like the break has been a blessing for me as I’ve had no off-time or a rest from football ever since I started playing overseas. I’ve been enjoying the chance to give my body a rest"
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The game against Chelsea in the Cup Final, obviously wasn’t the result we wanted but that’s actually the most fun I’ve had playing in a couple of years. So I’d say that coming here made me find my love for the game again"
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Watch the full interview with Caitlin Foorde on IGTV.

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