Throughout her life and career, Ashlyn Harris has been through adversity and come out better on the other side. So when faced with the current challenges in the world today, she’s in a prime position to put a positive spin on the trials and tribulations of life in lockdown as we found out when we spoke to her for the latest instalment of ‘The Dial Up’.

Harris became the second World Cup winner to pick up the phone to us after we previously spoke with her international teammate, Mal Pugh. But these are two players at opposing ends of the spectrum: Pugh is still emerging as a talent, yet to hit the heights of what her potential could see her achieve, while Harris has been there and done that, the 34-year old goalkeeper having been through the tough now sits talking to us as a two-time World Cup winner.

Traversing between tatts, babe caves, addiction and self improvement, Harris spoke about the highs and lows of her life, her interests in fashion, creating and reinventing, and how she’s hoping to come out the other side of lockdown a better leader and generally a better person – a target that most of us could aim for. A truly vivacious character, nothing was left off the table as she talked us through her journey in her own words, from the comfort of her new home.

“Journey is such an interesting word. My path has been spiritual, and I think every bump in the road has kind of led me to where I am”
I'm the captain of the Orlando Pride team. Last year we came in last place. So I'm just self reflecting and re-evaluating my leadership methods and how I can better serve the team and my coaching staff”
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