Picking up on the other end for the latest instalment of the ‘The Dial Up’, DeAndre Yedlin is Newcastle’s American right back who has pace to burn on the pitch combined with a creative flair off it. So how’s he dealing with the confines of his own four walls and the lack of football? Quite well it turns out…

From Sunderland to Newcastle, Yedlin has been an adopted Geordie for four years now, and he’s happy to call the north home; a base from which he is able to explore the rich heritage that England has to offer. But while lockdown may have put paid to that for now, his creative spirit has been nourished – the enforced enclosure serving as the perfect opportunity for him to focus on his passion for fashion, as he pushes to build his brand and establish his first clothing label. 

An individual who is not afraid of expressing himself, Yedlin has been enjoying life in lockdown with his girlfriend, Crystal Rodd. The pair share a creative thirst that’s most often expressed in their own style, pushing each other’s boundaries as any productive partnership should. Oh, and they also share a love for Escape Rooms – the irony of which is not lost on us during lockdown. But despite that, it’s good to see that Yedlin has not let the pandemic dampen his creative side, and his clothing line, which draws influence from nature and the outdoor world, will be one to look out for.

No matter if you're a sport star, or soccer player, it’s important for anybody to stand out from everybody else. I mean, that’s who you are at the end of the day. Nobody else is like you”
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It's crazy – I mean, the two sides really hate each other! But that's what makes it fun, that's what brings the passion of the fans, and you definitely need that in the game”
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