As we edge closer to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it gives us a chance to look at the wider football culture that lives strong in Russia. Although not used in the tournament, one stadium that sits as a geometric wonderland in Moscow is the VEB Arena - home to CSKA Moscow - it's our latest 'Residence' stopping point.

Opened in 2016, it's a stadium that was a long time coming though now stands proudly as a home to one of Russia's strongest teams in CSKA Moscow. The building work started in 2007 and while its glass roof and sharp edges may dominate much of this bespoke and slanting scene, the eyes can't be turned away from the towering corner that scrapes the sky. Triumphantly too, the structure was designed based on the Europa League trophy which CSKA won in 2005 - the first European Trophy won by a Russian club.

CSKA Framed_0007_IMG_4894.jpg
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Stepping up as a Champions League setting, the stadium has hosted games of all standards and while it has a cosy four-sided style, its presence is well-felt. Safe-standing is on show at each end of the stadium and the away section is covered by a perspex wall. Big atmosphere and stickers to match, you can tell this is a stadium the home fans are happy to call home.

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With an attendance of just over 30,000, it's a surprise that this arena wasn't put forward as a host venue having hosted the Russian National Team on several occasions. Pure football with an architecturally strong design, it's a stylised ground that's one to tick off the list for ground hoppers.

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