A reconstructed palace for Lokomotiv Moscow and solely a home for football the RZD Arena is our latest "Residence' stopping point. Taking in the surrounding football scenes of Russia it's a place that, while it doesn't host a World Cup fixture, still stands strong in the landscape of the good game in Moscow.

This two tiered stadium has a truly bespoke flavour and could quite easily be picked up and re-placed in South America. The Lokomotiv Moscow popping colours of red and green help that, but the corrugated roofs that separate each tier adds in a lot of character. While the outside of this stadium is concrete as well as colossal, it stands tall having been home to the club since 1966. Aesthetically playing to its strengths and from commentary box to the exterior there are references to the 'Lokomotiv' nature of a side that was formed from the rail working community.

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Housing 30,000 fans, it's one that doesn't scale to FIFA capacity standards however in terms of design, sheer presence and the culture that surrounds the game, it has everything else needed for one of the biggest clubs in Russian football to call home. No running track around the pitch, there is however an almost coliseum feel thanks to the gap between the pitch and the front row for the fans. An underground level is placed pitch side and like a bull fighting ring, everything about this stadium calls for an event.

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Showing the extended football family that sits outside those stadiums that will host World Cup fixtures, this stadium has everything you'd want to be able to call your sides home. Huge character, an independent feel and still some aged edges it's conducive for an exciting atmosphere. Tick it off one day, it's well worth it.

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