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Residence #38 | The 'Juventus Stadium'

A 41,000 seater stadium that was opened in 2011, the Juventus Stadium, home to one of the giants of the global game, is a stadium of sky piercing proportions. A perfect blend of raw concrete crossing paths with contemporary class, it's our latest stopping point along the 'Residence' road.

Unlike many a modern stadium, this structure has an encompassing feel. No unnecessary gap between the players on the pitch and the players in the stands, it sees the proximity of the fans shortened. Atmospheric in every way, it's a stadium of serious scale though it has a looming feel of intensity thanks to the clearly studied design. While a concrete wall surrounds the outer perimeter of the ground to give it a coliseum inspired finish, the closer you get, the more the famous zebra stripes start to pop on the pillars that scatter the stadium.

Some description
Some description

Italian and proud, the stadium is ribboned with the red, white and green that make up the national flag and once you step in side, the force of flair that is attributed to Juventus is there for all to be seen. On one side, a wall of leather seats each with accompanying tv screen in the headrest are proudly displayed while from corner to corner, the scattered black and white colours serves up relentless character.

Some description
Some description

An almighty place to call home for both Juventus players and fans alike and a backdrop for the Champions League, this is a stopping point for the elite and a playground for a black and white striped party. Only one question remains: where does the extra star go should they reign supreme this season?


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