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Residence #29 | 'Highbury Stadium' Fleetwood Town

Four sides interrupted by a local social club, Highbury Stadium and the home of Fleetwood Town is our latest stopping point on our 'Residence' series. A rouge number that is rising through the English Football League, this is the 112th largest stadium in the country.

Currently enjoying a steady position just outside of the playoffs of League One, this destination is very much a home for the 'Cod Army'. Geographically, it's coastal position in the North West of England is placed on the edge of a footballing hotbed. Manchester and Liverpool are a mere 50-60 miles away and closer to home, Blackpool, Preston and Blackburn are cushioned nicely just down the road.

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Fleetwood as a club are an interesting proposition too. Having been promoted 6 times in the last 12 seasons, there's an upward trajectory and this 5,000 capacity stadium, mixed between seating and standing, provides the platform that the club continues to look out on.

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With plenty of quirks as old meets new, the stadium in its entirety both looks and feels relatively fresh. Evolving over time, 2007 and 2011 saw redevelopments that equally mirrored the positive spiral that took the club from non-league to the Football League. This is a the place most notably that Leicester City took their coveted Jamie Vardy from just four years ago.

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Similarly, out of the stadium and on to the training pitches, the club have recently opened a brand new training facility in the shape of Poolfoot Farm. Beaming with its wooden outer and gloriously green pitches, the cut is fine all over and will no doubts be an easy sell for prospective incoming players. Building in stature despite a wealth of noisy neighbours, this bus is parked at the heart of a small community with big ambition and it's certainly on the right, aspirational roads.

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There's an abundance of charm at this ground. It has the traditions of many but also has a whiff of prosperity. You'll find old signs, pies and gravy but also a shine of contemporary, clean and most importantly community.

Up the Football League they go.


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