Sometimes, the closest you'll ever get to becoming a professional footballer is running out in front of a packed and raucous stadium dressed as a giant cod. Celebrating those pre-match heroes that dance the line in the name of half-time entertainment, our first tribute to those 'Capeless Crusaders' comes in the shape of Fleetwood Town's 'Captain Cod'.

Fearless in the name of football, he's an unmissable six foot fish out of water that resides at Highbury Stadium. Inspired by the notable fishing industry that lines the shores of Fleetwood, it's land rather than see, stadium scents rather than salted waters where this mascot calls home. An average attendance of 5,000 fans is who the good Captain lines up in front of. It may sound like one of the lower attendance figures you'll here but when you consider that makes up a fifth of the entire Fleetwood population, it's a statistic well worthy of celebration.

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A static expression whether his side are dancing for the win or drooping in defeat, it is something most mascots will have in common. Rather wonderfully however, it is indeed one of the few things, other than the size of their feet, that these creatures share. Captain Cod cuts a bespoke shape: bright blue and always stood, supporting throughout. He leads the team and engages the next generation before the ninety begins as well as when it ends. 

We head up the stairs into the stadium and around the ground with this eye popping fella, all the while made welcome by his booming smile and toothless grin. What a gent, what a Captain, what a Cod.