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Residence #10 | 'John Smith's Stadium' Huddersfield Town

The home of Huddersfield Town and a photogenic wonder, the John Smith's stadium is our latest stopping point as part of our 'Residence' series. 24,499 seats of pure footballing awe.

The spirit of a stadium, no matter where you travel, carries undertones of emotion. Games won, contested, fought and lost, the John Smith's Stadium of Huddersfield town is no different. In fact it's a joyous celebration of what makes these homes of the game just so precious.

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Opened in 1994, it's a contemporary over arching structure and an engineered beauty from all angles. Twenty two years on and the raw edges and booming floodlights creep through to offer a character-full creation. Built by Alfred McAlpine and designed by HOK Sport, it's an award winning stadium with its construction appreciated by the industry just as much as the fans that warm the seats

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The walk up captures the essence of the match day, while the skyline is beautified by the atmospheric structure. The seats are a pure mix of colours with the strong blue and reds shining through and though the steel arches catch the eye, there are touches of legacy throughout. The use of heritage turnstiles while keeping touches of the club's previous stadium serve as a fitting reminder of times gone by.

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A real celebration of football, many thanks to the club for letting us in. Where should we hit up next? Let us know in the comments below.

Photography by Robbie Jay Barratt for SoccerBible.


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