Just days on from the World Cup final, the ears of the people in Paris will still be ringing after the National Team brought home the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy. Heading out into the streets and capturing those battered bonnets through to the flag heavy flairs, Arturo Olmos has provided a visual story that shows just how big the party got.

Nothing could compare to that feeling of winning a World Cup. A truly bespoke moment in time that will last in the memory for decades if not a lifetime, France as a nation royally shut the party down in the greatest possible way. Streets were lined with celebration and brought together in a way few things could. The elation of such an achievement supposedly saw riot police man a Nike store while from the narrow corridors through to the wide-laned roads, the outpouring of emotion has been captured in these shots.

paris celebrations_0011_olmos_paris-worldcup-9693.jpg
paris celebrations_0006_olmos_paris-worldcup-9753.jpg

Putting us in his shoes and behind the lens, we spoke to Arturo about the experience of shooting such a momentous occasion.

How would you describe the atmosphere and energy in Paris as you took these photos?

I was in a small bar in Le Marais. People’s faces were glued to windows peering in to catch the last few seconds of the match. When the whistle blew to call the end of the match there was a whirlwind of emotions that erupted, obviously cheering, but also crying and utter disbelief that it was all really happening. People poured out into the streets and I was tunnel visioned trying to separate myself from how excited I was to focusing on how these people were celebrating in dog piles, hugs, and kisses.. that was only the beginning, I was not prepared for what I was about to experience for the rest of the evening.

What was the reaction of people to you when they saw your camera?

This is a great question, It’s strange how the camera can really change or exaggerate a moment.. I pan the camera to people and they cheer louder! During celebrations like these it’s beyond welcomed, but my favorite moments weren’t the ones that happened when people were aware of me or my camera they were moments that I stole in a fraction of a second when the emotions were real and the energy was genuine.

Do you think this is a memory that will stay with you forever?

I came here to work with my friend João Canziani, an incredible photographer and mentor, and it just so happened that the dates lined up with the World Cup Final. We love talking about how every expectation we had was blown away and how intoxicating it was to be a part of so much pride and joy. Everyone was in love with each other and their country. This memory will absolutely stay with me forever, I hope to experience it in my own country someday.

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Paris Celebrations_0019_olmos_paris-worldcup-9429.jpg

What sticks out in your memory from that night now you've had a few days to recover?

The chanting and the almost ritualistic way people were drawn to these flares going off. It was entrancing and very magical.

Have you ever seen a party like that before?

Never. It was as if the entire city had to release any anxieties they’ve had throughout the tournament but most importantly they had to congratulate each other with endless affection. It’s funny I’m not much of a party person, but there was so much love between so many strangers that it really felt like a celebration of life and victory and not just people having a reason to get crazy..

Paris is already one of the greatest cities on the planet, do you think Paris it will ever be the same again after that?

You know I came here not wanting to fall in love with the city because it felt so cliche to me.. you know like wearing an “I Love Paris” tshirt but damnit' I fell in love with this city, especially after this incredible experience.

paris celebrations_0021_olmos_paris-worldcup-9530.jpg
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Telling the story from face to face, this shows the enormity and significance of winning the globe's greatest sporting spectacle. Every lampost has been climbed while every statue has been scaled - nothing stands in the way of a French celebration and this was perhaps the biggest of them all.

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