Benjamin Mendy is a player who re-sets the mould. Officially snapped up and added to the adidas ranks, he's a player who has embraced big moves while he takes the football stage by storm. The latest player to front the three stripes, we travelled with him to the adidas Paris offices as he got a custom taste of what's to follow.

Naturally, when a player and brand form a partnership, there has to be a mutual meeting in the middle. For Benjamin Mendy and adidas, there's a lot that make each a good match for one another. Mendy's natural creative edge and excitable willingness to defy convention is as on point as they come. Similarly, as adidas look to unlock 'creators' and offer players the opportunity to fly as they earn their stripes, they have provided a party that starts at football but has no end point as they continue to mix cultures both on and off the pitch.

Offering an insight into how the brand works, adidas invited Mendy to Paris and presented him with a glimpse into the future. Going beyond football it was a chance to get to know how he can utilise his creative output as a player with an appetite to embrace those elements off the pitch that have helped shift football culture into forever rebellious waves.

Mendy adidas France BTS_0003_Mendy selects 6.jpg

What's more, as Mendy champions his own creative movement thanks to his 'shark' mantra, he was given the opportunity to customise his own pair of Predator 18.1 with 'Shark22' customisation and his fresh logo. Surprising fans with a spontaneous trip to the adidas Football store in Paris, he brought the party to the people and gave a live demonstration of adidas' in store customisation services.

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Mendy adidas France BTS_0011_mendy adidas store 3.jpg
Mendy adidas France BTS_0010_mendy adidas store 4.jpg
Mendy adidas France BTS_0009_mendy adidas store 5.jpg

Bumping into Presnel Kimpembe as he added his name to a wall of fame too, these are flagship players who stand out on the stage as new age trend setters. Pure confidence with the substance to walk, talk and hop down the touchline. Ready to take the game to fresh waters, Mendy is currently working his way back from injury with the World Cup in sight.

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