Our latest series of episodic releases comes in the form of "Pie & Football". We've all been there. A debut slice from a regular piece of pie where football meets food and the purist game prevails.

Up and down the country, from weekend to weekend, you know there will be a football party going on  whether it's the top flight or a local serving, you can be sure there will be a pie on offer too. "Pie & Football" is dedicated to the place where affordable ticket stubs are coupled with a pitchside pint. A place where dogs wait on the touchline for 90 minutes while their masters make the most of the mud.

This offering is delivered through the lens of Tony Heslop and comes from a Leicestershire village known as Anstey. It's a postcard glimpse of mud, sweat and tears from the highest order. Scroll away as the Anstey Nomads of Leicesteshire (red & white) put 4 past Arnold Town of Nottinghamshire (lime).

Some description
Some description

So how does the pastry shape up? Aesthetically, the straight lines and symmetrical tinned packaging makes for satisfying viewing. Though, it's under the hood and in the wallet where this one does the talking. What you saying Tony?

Some description

Pie Rating (Steak and Kidney)

Price: £2  7/10
Size: Good size, enough to fill a hole  8/10
Crispyness: Very good crunch  8/10
Pastry: Decent thickness  7/10
Filling: Not enough meat for my liking  6/10

Score: 36/50

Photography and Pie Rating by Tony Heslop.