The self-published culture that surrounds the 'Zine' world is one that encourages free, creative and punk thinking. Applying contemporary design to classic lower league football Ashley Moye's dedicated number to Eastbourne Town is an offering of raw beauty.

Rich style colliding with pure football is something that always produces a strong outcome. Embracing a time in which there would regularly be street vendors surrounding many a stadium, the 'Zine' is something that sits fondly in a throwback era of DIY culture. A medium largely associated with music or political worlds, the passion of football often spilled out into ink form thanks to fans outpouring their thoughts in a visually striking form. A fans voice for many, it's in design where creative Ashley Moye has explored a visual language that lives off the pitch though very much has football running through its pages.

Eastbourne Fanzine by Ashley Moye_0006_Layer 14.jpg

Eastbourne Town are a side that sit in the Southern Combination Premier Division. A non-league stalwart, their history runs and deep and though they may not be a name on the global scale of football, they certainly have a committed following. A real showing of the non-league revolution that fans are embracing as many fall away from the elite level and pick up more local ties; this is a club with a 3,000 capacity stadium (200 seated) and two supporters groups - 'Pier Pressure' and the 'Beachy Head Ultras'. Flairs ready this Fanzine is evocative of the culture that surrounds the club. Almighty impressive.

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