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Upton Park | Scenes of Demolition

Apples, pears and jellied eels. The spirit of Upton Park is not leaving in any hurry. Capturing one last glimpse before it leaves for good, we travelled on the shoulder of photographer Elliott Wilcox as he shot this towering castle mid-way through its transitional season into the after life.

A monument for the beautiful game that towers at the centre of a community, it's a phased fair well as brick by brick this industrial home of football is taken down. Quite wonderfully however, the soul is very much alive as you'll see from this visual piece of story telling.

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West Ham, now branded with 'London' very much central to the future of their foundations, their new home is one of shine and grandeur and you've got to appreciate their aspiring ambitions. That said, similarly so, it's only right to celebrate this landmark as it relays itself in the history books as opposed to hard stoned brick and mortar.

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While diggers go to London town, the famous crest is carefully removed. We can get a glimpse through the keyhole as well as what would have been pitch side and a bustling concourse just some six months ago. The question remains as to the lasting impact the shift away from such social roots may have on the club's sense of belonging and community and any change is not without its teething stages of development. What can be assured is that from one spectacular fortress to another is that the Boelyn Ground has a special aura. Time to move on, perhaps. Time for heroes, always. "Long Live the Boelyn".

Photography by Elliott Wilcox for SoccerBible.


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