Continuing the quest to prolong the life of classic football shirts, celebrity stylist Damian Collins once again puts his talents to use under the Niente Di Nuovo banner, creating a special editorial titled “How to Wear a Football Shirt”.

Football shirt culture has developed rapidly over the last decade, but that does not mean that the shirts that went before this era should be forgotten when considering your next wardrobe staple. With that in mind, all-round style guru Damian Collins has continued to combine his considerable talents in the design field with his passion for football, upcycling classic football shirts under his Niente Di Nuove brand. For his next instalment under the banner, Collins has taken inspiration from a year in Los Angeles, infusing the passion and colour of both European football and US soccer cultures into a “How to Wear a Football Shirt” lookbook/ editorial, which sees three classic jerseys reimagined as daily wardrobe staples in three ways.

niente du nuovo_0001_8C9CFC8C-4F68-45E5-A7AC-EA84729D07DB.jpg
niente du nuovo_0002_7F47B875-7401-4548-82C5-E5A20B122A1E.jpg

Niente Di Nuovo means ‘nothing new’ in Italian, and this forms the ethos behind the brand, taking past gems and polishing them up, repairing any imperfections and using many old fashioned techniques such as Japanese ‘boroboro’ to turn once loved shirts into new and progressive garments for lovers of craftsmanship and the beautiful sport. The Japanese term ‘boroboro’, means something tattered or repaired, and ‘boro’ refers to the practice of reworking and repairing textiles through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use, creating a new type of sustainable fashion.

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Shot in DTLA by Iddo Goldberg 

Model - Cade Johnson 

Styling - Damian Collins

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