Yes, the Euros are almost upon us, and with them come a whole raft of ways to show your support. From the obvious jersey culture, rummaging out your old international shirt from the bottom of the drawer, to hanging flags out your windows. But now Boot and Ball are offering up a fresh way to get into the spirit (beer?) with a unique collection of beer mats.

Having had to wait that extra year the thirst for a summer International tournament is undeniable. But at long last the wait is almost over and it looks as though most people will be able to enjoy the spectacle in the company of friends and family, be that in a beer garden or your own garden at home. And if it’s the latter option that you plump for, then the creative pair at Boot & Ball have got your back when it comes to placing your all important beverage of choice down, with a limited collection of Euro themed beer mats – with a unique design for each team participating. That’s 24 individually designed mats. Hope you’ve got plenty of friends. 

beer 6-min.jpg

Inspired by each of the participating nations and their players, the mats – which are made on traditional pulp – play on iconic players and drinks which will be familiar to many a football fan glued to the tournament this Summer. 

Boot & Ball said: “The Euros is here, albeit 364 days later than anticipated and we wanted to create a product which put a smile on people’s faces. Classic beer mat designs are often highly sought after and beautifully crafted, so we wanted to take inspiration from the exquisite design history and combine that with a bit of Boot & Ball humour. 

The beer mats have been produced on a limited run for the tournament so whilst there are club specific mats available for Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, if you are wanting to get your hands on a Euros mat, you’ll have to move quickly. 

beer 5-min.jpg
beer 4-min.jpg
beer 3-min.jpg
beer 2-min.jpg

The Euro 2021 (2020?) Beer Mats are available now at