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Lumo723's Heat Map Mercurial Comes With A Message

Concept designers Lumo723 have been responsible for some outstanding creations over the last few weeks, but their latest take on the Mercurial Superfly VII comes with a poignant message about the current state of the planet, and more importantly the ever-worsening climate crisis.

Lukas Urbicht and Moritz Rose, collectively known as Lumo723, have been impressing us with their array of concept boots, and more recently with their ‘what if’ approach to shirt design. But their latest creation, while looking every bit as stunning as the many that we’ve highlighted before, comes with an important message on the back of Earth Day.

Whilst some will feel that we have enough to deal with in the world currently, prior to the ongoing pandemic, global warming existed and still exists as a serious threat to our world – one that isn’t going away anytime soon. So how can a football boot tackle this threat? In itself, it can’t, but the striking heat-signature design that has been wrapped around the Mercurial Superfly VII serves as a message not to forget during the fight against Covid-19 that we can still all do our bit to also fight the climate crisis by limiting our carbon footprints.  

Check out more of Lumo723's work here.

Daniel Jones

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