The Nike Mars Yard Overshoe was originally designed with one simple aim: to stop your feet getting cold and wet. But this was no insulated welly; this was the creation of Tom Sachs under the NIKECraft banner, and it has served as the inspiration for the latest creations from concept designers Lumo723.

Incase you’re not familiar, Lumo723, aka Lukas Urbicht and Moritz Rose, are two concept designers that have been on our radar a lot recently thanks to their inventive and creative approach to not only boots, such as the recent Heat Map Mercurial, but also with a ‘What If’ angle on kit design. It’s this type of out-of-the-box thinking, combined with excellent execution of their concepts, that has made them one’s to watch. And their latest effort merely strengthens that stance.

lumo 4-min.jpg
lumo 5-min.jpg

Originally released in October 2018, the the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe was the latest instalment in the much-coveted NIKECraft collaboration between renowned artist and creator Tom Sachs and the Swoosh. It initially came about after Sachs looked upon how the Mars Yard 2.0 sneaker performed when conditions soured. Embracing the transparency in materials and the underpinnings of how things work, he was able to to channel solutions – for example through the employment of Dyneema, a super-strong fibre often used in boat rope and sails – to create something entirely unique.

Lumo723 have taken the Mars Yard Overshoe as inspiration, creating a Mercurial Superfly and Tiempo Legend in the same visual style as the winter-ready sneaker, with the same white and icy blue colourway. The Berlin boys have then completed the homage by presenting them in the same fashion as the OG Mars Yard Overshoe, with a full tech breakdown. 

lumo 6-min.jpg

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