One for the geographers - following on from their utterly tremendous 'Lost Destination' illustrations, UK based creative studio Dorothy have produced a rather stunning map that takes reference from the beautiful game.

A merry bunch not short of football inspiration have produced a body of work that crosses over into the football world in an alternative though innovative fashion. Taking in over 500 iconic people and places from the game, from Maine Road to Abby Wambach, it's iconic names that resonate fantastically in print form. Oh and if you haven't seen the 'Lost Destination' collection, check it out here.

Some description

A 19th century style map, is id described as being, "loosely based on the area surrounding Parker's Piece, a park in central Cambridge that is regarded as the birthplace of Association Football. It was here in 1848 that a group of students drew up and adopted a set of rules for football matches that became the basis for modern rules drawn up by The Football Association in 1863."

A fantastic piece of work, you can find out if your club has been imprinted in this evergreen time capsule of brilliant football, as well as buy one, here.