South West based illustrator and contributor to Issue 3 recreates game changing Nike ads in illustrative fashion as part of an exclusive for SoccerBible.

A real step change off the pitch has seen brands fight for market domination. Nike have released several tuly symbolic campaigns over last three decades that continue to resonate as well as strike a nostalgiac chord. Moving away from any classic cheese, they brought big name players to more conceptual surroundings. A time in which the profile of players boomed into global stardom, these adverts are iconic and you'll struggle to fine any like minded football lover who doesn't have a soft spot for these.

'The Airport' kicked things off as far as this illustrative series goes. For this advert Brazil turned their surroundings into a playground in '98.

Two years on in 2000, Nike brought 'The Mission'. The premise: the elite of Nike Football athletes had to steal back a football, the Geo Merlin, that helped revolutionise and determine what a contemporary match ball would look like.

Yet another game changer, Scorpion KO / The Cage saw Eric Cantona as the ringleader hosting a secret tournament on board a secluded ship. Epic.

The football world has been blessed with truly brilliant creative across several brands. From Giggsy selling flowers on the side of the road or Beckham, Ballack and Vieira riding around on scooters on route to Lisbon. It's a medium that has been truly embraced by the globe's leading brands.

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Scott's work is testament to this. A celebration of the utterly beautiful game, you can get hold of one of these unique prints here.