Swedish top flight club AIK have made a huge statement in the fight against online bullying with a unique, and sometimes quite brutal take on match commentary to make a stand against those dishing out cowardly online abuse.

AIK are a club that don't particularly follow the rules. They're not afraid to do things differently, to stand out and stick by their beliefs. From kit reveals, to matchday experience, the club has a real identity. Their latest work is a short film called 'Lowlights' which is an educational initiative The digital locker room, which aims to overcome digital bullying among children and adolescents.

Shortly after AIK Football’s victory against Östersunds FK at Friends Arena on Sunday, a video was published on the club’s social media. Instead of the usual highlights that are published after the match, this video shows the lowlights where AIK players failed with their actions and are criticized harshly by the famous commentator Niklas Jarelind.

It's fair to say the club have gone all in on this with some brutal language to underline and expose the reality of online abuse. When said out loud, these comments cut deeper and will go a long way to stop these disgusting messages and educate the people sending them online.

"This is by far the most difficult football clip I’ve ever commented on. Even if it was a hit in the stomach to say harsh words, it is important to make it clear that there are consequences beyond someone being sad at that moment. There are wounds that will be remained, and it has long-term consequences for both the individual and society" says Niklas Jarelind, commentator at Discovery+.


The harsh words that are said in the video are based on incident reports from AIK Football’s youth club and involve children as young as middle age school.

"There are probably many who get upset just by hearing the words in the video but imagine getting them directed at you. This happens every day for many children and teenagers. By acknowledging the problem, we have started working for a change" says Max Bergander, Head of values and code of conduct at AIK Football.


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